Squad Pack Doom Troopers
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Take back Ringo Vinda by bolstering your Doom squad!

Included -
RR Doom Trooper
RARC Doom Trooper
RP2 Doom Trooper
RHeavy Doom Trooper

As well as 5 weapons -
2 Trooper Blaster
1 Rocket Launcher
2 Concept Pistol

Also 1 helmet attachment!

RP2 Yellow Print Olive Green Macros

Cloth option available:
1 Heavy Armor Doom
1 Recon Armor Olive Green
1 CAC Pauldron Doom
1 Light Gray with Olive Pattern Waistcape
1 Light Gray with Olive ARC Waistcape
($13.50 value)

Base Price:

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